Industrias Victor Juri’s MISSION, through its brand JURI, is to provide solutions, products and services for the farmers, rural contractors and all those people working in the development of the Argentine and the whole world’s countryside. Our products, as well as our services, are manufactured and supervised with the highest technology; post-sale service is of vital importance to us, and we work constantly in research and development to deliver cutting-edge and innovating products and services. Our internal and external suppliers are selected by their professionalism and commitment, so as to create valuable products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.

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We have been dedicating ourselves to provide services for the agrarian sector and manufacturing agricultural machines for more than thirty years. Specifically, we develop equipment for direct sowing and liquid and/or solid fertilization. Twenty-five years of experience in the market vouch for us. Our main objective is to develop products to achieve the maximum performance. We work continuously to be, day after day, closer to you; so as to meet the challenge of achieving a highly technified and developed agriculture. Today, Industrias Víctor Juri S.A. is located in a two hectares land in Ruta Provincial Nº 51, Km 119 de Carmen de Areco. In this plant, we continue the development and start-up of agrarian machines: seeding machines, fertilizers (mainly for direct sowing and direct fertilizing) and hopper trailers, (for carrying fertilizers and seeds). Our brand is widely known in the national and international markets. We participate actively in rural fairs: since 1996 we attend ExpoChacra (organized by editorial Atlántida) and ExpoNorte, among others; that’s how our brand is well-known. In September, 2003, we exported the Atlantic model of our equipment MP 3.20 for the first time. As from 2005, we have an official distributor of our products in the European market: TechMagri is in charge of the commercialization of the machines in France and the rest of the European Community. We have already successfully exported 40 units to France and 20 to Denmark.

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One of the strategic goals of our company is the safety of our direct collaborators and our customers. For this reason, in order to project our products in the international market, as a rule, we decided that all our industrial developments or products should meet and apply the safety standards for agrarian machines. In this way, with the assistance of the certification entity IRAM, we obtained the certification of the standard IRAM 8076 as from October 2006. Our products meet the requirements of the agreement and the HARMONIZED STANDARDS. In this respect, for the European Community, our representatives may obtain the CE marking.

We are proud to share with you have been certified Management quality System ISO 9001: 2008 since March 2012.

Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras

International Trade

As from September 2003, we started exporting a seeding machine created to satisfy the needs of the European farmers, the "ATLANTIC". The first destination was Spain. As time went by, and as this machine has shown that its performance is excellent, its maintenance is simple, its price is good, and, above all, it adapts perfectly well to the different European and South American soils, we have been able to reach the markets of France, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bolivia and Uruguay. The aim of our corporate logistic is to optimize the service, cost and quality conditions so as to satisfy our customers’ demand and requirements. The machines’ packaging is performed by trained staff within our company. In this way, we perform the follow-up of the equipment’s protection in the entire process.

Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras Victor Juri Sembradoras


We are proud of the prizes we receive year after year, not only in our country but also in neighboring countries such as Brazil. We’ve received the prizes of Technological Innovation in the category Seeding, at the national level in the years 2003, 2005 and 2007 at the
Exposición Rural de Palermo – International Center for Agricultural Technology Innovation

Premios Juri Premios Juri

Category remarked Silver Prize.

Prize Newspaper La Nación and Banco Galicia 2010
To the excellence in agricultural machines

Agrarian Machinery
Technological Innovation

Silver Medal Ternium Expoagro
Innovation in Agricultural Machines