Seeding body G30

Body designed for COARSE-GRAIN seeding (corn, soy) and pneumatic and mechanic precision seeding.


  • Parallelogram of higher dimensions to improve its stability to a great extent.
  • Equipped with a lateral wheels kit.
  • Wheels to press the seeds.

Technical specifications:

The new design of the seeding body G30 has a parallelogram that covers a distance of up to 500 mm. In this way, it adapts to the soil’s waviness without losing effectiveness. The parallelogram is sleeved and has steel bushings. The new body G30 has been designed to achieve a higher performance and reliability. Cast base.
The parallelogram’s base is embedded to the chassis.
The G30 body has a simple and robust design.


  • Individual 50 liters hopper on the body.
  • Material: Polypropylene


  • PNEUMATIC dosing kit
  • Adaptation to levelling wheel
  • MECHANICAL dosing kit
  • Adaptor to the lateral levelling wheel