Hopper A 8.90

9 m3 hopper to store solid fertilizers and/or seeds, with grain auger for loading/ unloading, completely balanced for an easy handling.


  • Bull’s eye for an easy visualization of the inside load.
  • High-intensity light, mounted on the commands to facilitate works at night.
  • It includes a canvas cover on top to protect the load from the inclement weather or to store staff.
  • Reinforced elastics.
  • Highly resistant chassis with 3’’ reinforced axes.
  • 900 x 20 sandwich type wheels.
  • Ball bearing slewing rings with complete turn.
  • Three sides system to facilitate the passage of fertilizer and seeds.
  • Apt for livestock (feeding trough), very good results for food of difficult passage.


Wide rotation system with a telescopic outlet tube to make the work easier and to have access to the different deposits of the machines.
Totally balanced.
Actioned by hydraulic motor.
The inside part is divided and fully protected by epoxy coating.


Easy transportation and mobility.
It can be transported in tandem by the plots of land.